Recent Events
Supreme Court Victory
Jolene Nasser won a landmark decision before the South Dakota Supreme Court, which ruled that when a full-time or part-time employee is injured at one job and that injury prevents that employee from performing their other concurrent full-time or part-time job(s), the employee is entitled to aggregate the wages from all the affected full-time or part-time jobs regardless of whether the jobs are related or similar to one another. The Supreme Court’s opinion can be read in its entirety by clicking here.

Medicare Appeal Victory
Medicare incorrectly assessed one of our clients Medicare’s proportionate share of attorney’s fees. Jimmy Nasser appealed Medicare’s decision and Medicare voluntarily elected to reverse its previous decision.

Financial Benefits Company Presentation
Attorney Jimmy Nasser will be presenting two one-hour presentations on why it is in your best interest to have a Durable Power of Attorney and a Last Will and Testament. For further information, please contact Financial Benefits Company.

Habitat For Humanity
Jolene Nasser, as President of the Second Circuit Women in Law (WIL), is pleased to announce that WIL again worked with Habitat for Humanity as part of the Project: Women Build Day. The WIL volunteer work this year was to help construct insulated concrete forms for the foundation of a newly constructed residential basement. Special thanks to Lowes for providing building materials for this project.

Attorneys Fees Award
Citigroup Long Term Disability Plan (Citigroup) initially denied one of our clients benefits under her Long Term Disability Plan. Attorney Dean Nasser fought this denial in Federal Court which resulted in Citigroup agreeing to voluntarily resume benefits to our client. Citigroup, however, refused to pay our client’s attorneys fees for its unjust denial. Attorney Dean Nasser brought a motion for fees and the Federal District Judge ordered Citigroup to pay our client’s attorneys fees. To read the District Court’s Order, click here.

Ask a Lawyer
Nasser Law Offices will be participating in the Ask-A-Lawyer program sponsored by the State Bar of South Dakota. This is an opportunity to get free legal advice from experienced lawyers. Click here for more details.

Department of Labor Victory
Attorney Dean Nasser successfully tried a permanent total disability workers’ compensation case before the Department of Labor and Regulation. The Department ruled that due to our client’s continuous, severe, and debilitating pain, she was obviously unemployable, unable to secure meaningful employment, that she is permanently and totally disabled, and that she is entitled to lifetime workers’ compensation benefits. To read the Department’s decision, please click here.

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